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About the Race

Join us on the last week of February and experience the race first hand. Once you enjoy an outhouse race, you’ll have memories that you just can’t erase.


Homemade outhouses are made of wood, cardboard, plastic, tape, grand piano crates, you name it we've tried it. The outhouses are placed on skis and pushed by 2 Runners. Each year the theme of the race varies.


Some outhouses are very simple and some are so elaborate you may not mind having them in your own backyard! The outhouses are pushed, one-by-one, down Trenary’s Main Street. The racers (team) with the best time wins a cash prize for 1st and 2nd place. Depending on age, there are 7 different categories and more prizes to be won that have nothing to do with how fast one goes.


In addition to the races, Main Street Trenary provides for a day of the 4-F’s: Fun, Food, and Family Festivities. While you’re here, make sure to support our vendors and sponsors. Stop by and purchase our OFFICIAL outhouse t-shirt, cap, headband, sweatshirt, pin, coffee mug, shot glass, and (perhaps most importantly) can and bottle koozies at the Trenary Outhouse Classic Souvenier Shop.


Now that you know a little bit more about the Trenary Outhouse Classic than you did a moment ago, all that’s left is for you to bring your rump out here and have a good ol’ Yooper of a time cause let’s be honest, in the middle of winter in the U.P. what else have you got to do?


All proceeds from this event go back to support the community of Trenary, Michigan.

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