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Race Day Festivities!!

Come out early to check out all the fun there is to have with our Yooper style Outhouse Tailgate Party!!

Event Registration Starts at 11:00 am

Bring your pre-printed Registration Form or Brochure Registration Form to the Registration Table in the NEW T.O.C. Headquarters to register your outhouse and pick up your 2 free T-Shirts, 2 rolls of our special Autographed Toilet Paper, 2 Can Koozies, and a bottle of our special "Potty Water".


Event Fesivities Kick Off at 12:00 (NOON)


Event Registration  Closes at 1:00 pm


Races Start at 2:00 pm


Races begin with the Squirts (5 - 8 Yrs), Squeakers ( 9 - 12), and Dingleberrys (13 - 17 Yrs)


Best Fur Hat Contest

Anyone who wants to participate in this contest need to bring your best fur hat and meet in front of TJ Ryan's Radio Booth after the kids races to compete for best fur hat!!


Adult Races to follow with Stinkers (18 - 35 Yrs), Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs), and Old Farts (50 + Yrs). If there are more than 4 BARS sponsoring an outhouse we will even have a special BARS category.


Don't Forget ...


We will be judging outhouses for our "Best in Show" outhouses. We will also have Entry Pin cash prize drawings, Raffle Ticket drawings, and much more!



Be sure to stop by our Souvenier Shop and purchase your favorite memorable items like our Trenary Outhouse Classic T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Shot Glasses, Koozies, and much more!! Also, don't forget to support our vendors and sponsors. Stop by and grab a bite to eat and help support our local Trenary Volunteer Fire Department.

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