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Look Before You Leap into the 27th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic

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Race Results

Squeakers (9 - 12 Yrs)

1st Place – 22.56s – General Lee

Kaylin Nordness (Trenary, MI)

& Kayson Nordness (Trenary, MI)

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 30.22s - Wiped Clean

Dylan Tyner (Trenary, MI)

& Joradan Chartier (Chatham, MI)

2nd Place – 32.21s – Uputt

Jared Crow (Gladstone, MI)

& Ethan Dawson (Gladstone, MI)

3rd Place – 32.59s – Silver Dollar

Gage Paul (Petosky, MI)

& Jake Aho (Trenary, MI)

4th Place – 34.82s – Stove Pipe Your Sister

Dirty Mike (Algonac, MI)

& Matt Battiata (Algonac, MN)

5th Place – 39.29s – Poop Scootin' Boogie

Evan Burke (Standwood, MI)

& Tom Hoard (Gladstone, MI) 

6th Place – 54.03s – The Poop Shooters

Mike Knight (Negaunee, MI)

& Jamie Luokkala (Negaunee, MI)

7th Place – 1.00.02s – The Cricksits

Kolton Houlton (Marquette, MI)

& Derek Auston (Marquette, MI)

Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 30.59s – Me - Poo Da - Movement

Nicholas Craft (Duluth, MN)

& Lee Highsmith (Columbia, SC)

2nd Place – 33.66s – One Good Push

Justin Borowski (Marquette, MI)

& Bryant Taylor (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 54.00s – Cockhouse Crapper

Amanda Swade (Green Bay, WI)

& Toshia Ranallo (Wausau, WI)

4th Place – 1.05.53s – Thunder

Jess Chartier (Slapneck, MI)

& Jeremy Ottoway (Marquette, MI)

5th Place – 1.11.00s – Leap Into the Meijer

for Barenecessities

Jess Schwartz (Escanaba, MI)

& Joe Schwartz (Escanaba, MI)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 32.81s – Friends for Fellowship

Tim Swift (Wetmore, MI)

& Bill Smith (Wetmore, WI)

2nd Place – 34.85s – Burning Man Outhouse V. 3

Mark Ostrander (Gladstone, MI)

& Bob Cisluycis (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 37.10s – Suess

Jason Stueck (Bondvel, WI)

& Brett Kautz (Neenah, WI)

4th Place – 1.06.72s – Houseflies of Forsyth Twp

Denise Nurkala (Gwinn, MI)

& Tammy Willis (Gwinn, MI)

5th Place – 1.27.87s – Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier (Marquette, MI)

& Teresa Pepin (Marquette, MI)

If you have picture or videos from our event this year PLEASE email them to us at   We would love to feature your pictures and videos on our website!

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