Look Before You Leap into the 27th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic

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Race Results

Squeakers (9 - 12 Yrs)

1st Place – 22.56s – General Lee

Kaylin Nordness (Trenary, MI)

& Kayson Nordness (Trenary, MI)

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 30.22s - Wiped Clean

Dylan Tyner (Trenary, MI)

& Joradan Chartier (Chatham, MI)

2nd Place – 32.21s – Uputt

Jared Crow (Gladstone, MI)

& Ethan Dawson (Gladstone, MI)

3rd Place – 32.59s – Silver Dollar

Gage Paul (Petosky, MI)

& Jake Aho (Trenary, MI)

4th Place – 34.82s – Stove Pipe Your Sister

Dirty Mike (Algonac, MI)

& Matt Battiata (Algonac, MN)

5th Place – 39.29s – Poop Scootin' Boogie

Evan Burke (Standwood, MI)

& Tom Hoard (Gladstone, MI) 

6th Place – 54.03s – The Poop Shooters

Mike Knight (Negaunee, MI)

& Jamie Luokkala (Negaunee, MI)

7th Place – 1.00.02s – The Cricksits

Kolton Houlton (Marquette, MI)

& Derek Auston (Marquette, MI)

Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 30.59s – Me - Poo Da - Movement

Nicholas Craft (Duluth, MN)

& Lee Highsmith (Columbia, SC)

2nd Place – 33.66s – One Good Push

Justin Borowski (Marquette, MI)

& Bryant Taylor (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 54.00s – Cockhouse Crapper

Amanda Swade (Green Bay, WI)

& Toshia Ranallo (Wausau, WI)

4th Place – 1.05.53s – Thunder

Jess Chartier (Slapneck, MI)

& Jeremy Ottoway (Marquette, MI)

5th Place – 1.11.00s – Leap Into the Meijer

for Barenecessities

Jess Schwartz (Escanaba, MI)

& Joe Schwartz (Escanaba, MI)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 32.81s – Friends for Fellowship

Tim Swift (Wetmore, MI)

& Bill Smith (Wetmore, WI)

2nd Place – 34.85s – Burning Man Outhouse V. 3

Mark Ostrander (Gladstone, MI)

& Bob Cisluycis (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 37.10s – Suess

Jason Stueck (Bondvel, WI)

& Brett Kautz (Neenah, WI)

4th Place – 1.06.72s – Houseflies of Forsyth Twp

Denise Nurkala (Gwinn, MI)

& Tammy Willis (Gwinn, MI)

5th Place – 1.27.87s – Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier (Marquette, MI)

& Teresa Pepin (Marquette, MI)

If you have picture or videos from our event this year PLEASE email them to us at Sabrina.shue@gmail.com   We would love to feature your pictures and videos on our website!

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