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25 YEARS DOWN THE CRAPPER at The 25th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic

TOC (25th)

TOC (25th)

Our Outhouse Classic Committee would like to thank everyone who came out and made our event such a HUGE success!!!


Thank you to all our racers !!!

2018 Sponsors

Trenary Lions Club

RRN - Radio Results Network

Pin Winners

928 / 696 / 598

Race Results

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 20.40s – Super Pooper

Ethan Dawson (Gladstone, MI)

& Jared Crow (Gladstone, MI)

2nd Place – 21.00s – Da Colon Cobras

Kate Dohnal (Marquette, MI)

& Jake Colantonio (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 22.12s – The Glory Hole

Tyler Pederson (Marquette, MI)

& Devin Olson (Munising, MI)

4th Place – 23.40s – Dugout House

Wade Cloggs (Negaunee, MI)

& Poo Gehrig (Excelsior, MN)

5th Place – 23.60s – Superior Shitter

Ramsey Luft (Trenary, MI)

& Jack Rondeau (Limestone, MI)

6th Place – 24.94s – Da Poop and Scoot

Michael Johnson (Marquette, MI)

& Alex Lehtomaki (Skandia, MI)

7th Place – 25.00s – Silver Dollar

John Medley (Sterling Hts, MI)

& James Baker (Troy, MI)

8th Place – 26.18s – Cool Runs

Faith Sulich (Munising, MI)

& Zach Gostlin (Munising, MI)

9th Place – 28.41s – Trenary Fire Dept

Joe Webber (Trenary, MI)

& Todd Hasse (Munising, MI)

10th Place – 28.63s – Poop Scootin' Boogie

Evan Burke (Negaunee, MI)

& Tom Hoard (Ishpeming, MI)

11th Place – 30.06s – Old Glory Hole

Jess Chartier (Chatham, MI)

& Steve Bronsted (Chatham, MI)

12th Place - 30.13s - Nahma Inn

Colter Lubben (Rapid River, MI)

& Mitch Wilson (Kalkaska, MI)

13th Place – 31.87s – Old Glory Hole

Shelby Woo (Rock River, MI)

& Trace Shoe (Rock River, MI)

14th Place – 35.69s – Village Pub

Chelsie Britton (Chatham, MI)

& Emily Doyle (Chatham, MI)

15th Place – 44.47s – Super Yooper Poopers

Erin Nittibeb (Marquette, MI)

& Jess Elliston (Marquette, MI)

Squirts (5 - 11 Yrs)

1st Place – 21.44s – We Fart Rainbows

Olivia Woodruff  (Trenary, MI)

& Rory Hancock (Trenary, MI)

2nd Place – 31.44s – Da Porcelain Bank/Turd Burglars

Lillian Woodruff (Trenary, MI)

& Ethan Woodruff (Trenary, MI)

Squeakers (9 - 12 Yrs)

1st Place – 15.72s – Football is the Shart

Cameron Smith (Escanaba, MI)

& Ethan Harrison (Rapid River, MI)

Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 26.43s – Trenary Tavern

Doug Brunner (Cross Plains, WI)

& Steve Feraru (Macomb Twp, MI)

2nd Place – 28.25s – Toilet Warriors

Luke Thompson (Grand Ledge, MI)

& Chris Hibbs (Lake Odessa, MI)

3rd Place – 30.60s – Only Race

Bill McGovern (Marquette, MI)

& Emily Pankonin (South Carolina)

4th Place – 37.29s – Corn-Hole Express

Kelley Houser (Marquette, MI)

& Rachelle Gaul (Indianola, IA)

5th Place – 39.35s – Holy Crapper

Katie Derouin (Bark River, MI)

& Carrie Myers (Ishpeming, MI)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 25.91s – Silver Dollar

Bill Schoener (Shelby Twp, MI)

& Bob Medley (Sterling Hts, MI)

2nd Place – 26.90s – Upper Nova Barn Burner

Mark Ostrander (Gladstone, MI)

& Andy Ostrander (Nova Scotia, Canada)

3rd Place – 32.82s – Trenary Tavern

Gryf Weber (Dallas, TX)

& Jeff Newman (Gaylord, MI)

4th Place – 39.22s – Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier (Marquette, MI)

& Martha Tomasi (Marquette, MI)

5th Place – 39.38s – Old Glory Hole

Bill Wallace (Chatham, MI)

& Bill McGovern (Chatham, MI)

6th Place – 40.19s – Sassy Sixties

Pam Gaul (Indianola, IA)

& Sheila Ballien (Rapid River, MI)

7th Place – 44.16s – Lake George Campground

Gail Klatt (Wallace, MI)

& Jess Tank (Rhinelander, WI)

8th Place – 46.28s – Tom's Northwoods Inn

Christine Pardo (Elk Grove, IL)

& Lynn Mackenzie (Lake Villa, IL)

If you have picture or videos from our event this year PLEASE email them to us at   We would love to feature your pictures and videos on our website!

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