25 YEARS DOWN THE CRAPPER at The 25th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic

Our Outhouse Classic Committee would like to thank everyone who came out and made our event such a HUGE success!!!


Thank you to all our racers !!!

2018 Sponsors

Trenary Lions Club

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Pin Winners

928 / 696 / 598

Race Results

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 20.40s – Super Pooper

Ethan Dawson (Gladstone, MI)

& Jared Crow (Gladstone, MI)

2nd Place – 21.00s – Da Colon Cobras

Kate Dohnal (Marquette, MI)

& Jake Colantonio (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 22.12s – The Glory Hole

Tyler Pederson (Marquette, MI)

& Devin Olson (Munising, MI)

4th Place – 23.40s – Dugout House

Wade Cloggs (Negaunee, MI)

& Poo Gehrig (Excelsior, MN)

5th Place – 23.60s – Superior Shitter

Ramsey Luft (Trenary, MI)

& Jack Rondeau (Limestone, MI)

6th Place – 24.94s – Da Poop and Scoot

Michael Johnson (Marquette, MI)

& Alex Lehtomaki (Skandia, MI)

7th Place – 25.00s – Silver Dollar

John Medley (Sterling Hts, MI)

& James Baker (Troy, MI)

8th Place – 26.18s – Cool Runs

Faith Sulich (Munising, MI)

& Zach Gostlin (Munising, MI)

9th Place – 28.41s – Trenary Fire Dept

Joe Webber (Trenary, MI)

& Todd Hasse (Munising, MI)

10th Place – 28.63s – Poop Scootin' Boogie

Evan Burke (Negaunee, MI)

& Tom Hoard (Ishpeming, MI)

11th Place – 30.06s – Old Glory Hole

Jess Chartier (Chatham, MI)

& Steve Bronsted (Chatham, MI)

12th Place - 30.13s - Nahma Inn

Colter Lubben (Rapid River, MI)

& Mitch Wilson (Kalkaska, MI)

13th Place – 31.87s – Old Glory Hole

Shelby Woo (Rock River, MI)

& Trace Shoe (Rock River, MI)

14th Place – 35.69s – Village Pub

Chelsie Britton (Chatham, MI)

& Emily Doyle (Chatham, MI)

15th Place – 44.47s – Super Yooper Poopers

Erin Nittibeb (Marquette, MI)

& Jess Elliston (Marquette, MI)

Squirts (5 - 11 Yrs)

1st Place – 21.44s – We Fart Rainbows

Olivia Woodruff  (Trenary, MI)

& Rory Hancock (Trenary, MI)

2nd Place – 31.44s – Da Porcelain Bank/Turd Burglars

Lillian Woodruff (Trenary, MI)

& Ethan Woodruff (Trenary, MI)

Squeakers (9 - 12 Yrs)

1st Place – 15.72s – Football is the Shart

Cameron Smith (Escanaba, MI)

& Ethan Harrison (Rapid River, MI)

Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 26.43s – Trenary Tavern

Doug Brunner (Cross Plains, WI)

& Steve Feraru (Macomb Twp, MI)

2nd Place – 28.25s – Toilet Warriors

Luke Thompson (Grand Ledge, MI)

& Chris Hibbs (Lake Odessa, MI)

3rd Place – 30.60s – Only Race

Bill McGovern (Marquette, MI)

& Emily Pankonin (South Carolina)

4th Place – 37.29s – Corn-Hole Express

Kelley Houser (Marquette, MI)

& Rachelle Gaul (Indianola, IA)

5th Place – 39.35s – Holy Crapper

Katie Derouin (Bark River, MI)

& Carrie Myers (Ishpeming, MI)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 25.91s – Silver Dollar

Bill Schoener (Shelby Twp, MI)

& Bob Medley (Sterling Hts, MI)

2nd Place – 26.90s – Upper Nova Barn Burner

Mark Ostrander (Gladstone, MI)

& Andy Ostrander (Nova Scotia, Canada)

3rd Place – 32.82s – Trenary Tavern

Gryf Weber (Dallas, TX)

& Jeff Newman (Gaylord, MI)

4th Place – 39.22s – Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier (Marquette, MI)

& Martha Tomasi (Marquette, MI)

5th Place – 39.38s – Old Glory Hole

Bill Wallace (Chatham, MI)

& Bill McGovern (Chatham, MI)

6th Place – 40.19s – Sassy Sixties

Pam Gaul (Indianola, IA)

& Sheila Ballien (Rapid River, MI)

7th Place – 44.16s – Lake George Campground

Gail Klatt (Wallace, MI)

& Jess Tank (Rhinelander, WI)

8th Place – 46.28s – Tom's Northwoods Inn

Christine Pardo (Elk Grove, IL)

& Lynn Mackenzie (Lake Villa, IL)

If you have picture or videos from our event this year PLEASE email them to us at Sabrina.shue@gmail.com   We would love to feature your pictures and videos on our website!

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