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We would like to thank EVERYONE who contributes their time, money, expertise, and hard work to this amazing fun-filled event! Without all of your help, this event would not be possible!!!


Take a moment to check out some of those wonderful companies, organizations, and people.


Media Affiliates


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Become a Contributor

If you or your company would like to become a sponsor, media affiliate, contributor, or simply make a donation to this event Contact Us with you information, we'd be glad to have you!!

DId we Leave you out?

If you are a current contributor and we left you out, we apologize. Please send us an email here and we will correct our mistake. We DO greatly appreciate everyone who contributes and we want to acknowledge you here!

Other Contributors

Trenary Home Bakery


Trenary Tavern

S & M County Line Meats

The Chatham Pub

Junction Auto Repair

Radio Results Network

Holquist Feedmill

Chatham Coop

D & M Bulldogs

White Pine Lodge

Foggy's Steakhouse

Superior Sawmill

Aho Milling & Molding

Stenberg Sitters

Alger County Road Commission

Silver Dollar Bar

Trenary Mini Mart

New Moon Bar

Christmas Auto Repair

Trenary Northern Trails

Elijah Pasenen & Grandpa Bill - Trophies

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