Let's "GO" Together at the 29th Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic

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Our Outhouse Classic Committee would like to thank everyone who came out and made our event such a HUGE success!!! Every year our event exceeds our expectations! We couldn't do what we do without all of you!

To see a list of this year's Contributors List

Pin Winners:
163 / 1907 / 1353 / 1970

Race Results

Squirts (5 - 8 Yrs)

1st Place – 48s – Team Grandpa Sonny

Asher Pasanen (Trenary, MI)

& Vince Pasanen (Trenary, MI)

Squeakers (9 - 12 Yrs)

1st Place – 24s – General Lee

Olivia Kmetzq (Marine City, MI)

& Allycia Wiegane (Marine City, MI)

Dingleberries (13 - 17 Yrs)

1st Place – 47s – Duct Tape & Zip Ties

James Collins (St. Clair, MI)

& Andrew Laenen (St. Clair, MI)

2nd Place – 56s – Dewey's Dumpers

Ava Cady (New Holstein, WI)

& Drew Begovac (Chatham, MI)

Da Sharts (36 - 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 38s – The Shit Show

Jesse Coates (Bark River, MI)

& Tim Fortney (Bark River, MI)

2nd Place – 46s – Vladischmear Poo-Tin

Mike Davis (Marquette, MI)

& Nick Craft (Duluth, MN)

3rd Place – 1.07s – Streaked Lightning

Keri Thill (Marquette, MI)

& Grace Cohen (Marquette, MI)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 41s – Bear

Brian Folz (Gig Harbor, WA)

& David Blood (Dallas, TX)

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 32s - Toxic Turds

Mutti Timonen (Trenary, MI)

& Waytt Fink (Skandia, MI)

2nd Place – 34s – Golden Shitter

Brooke Pasanen (Trenary, MI)

& Brierra Workman (Trenary, MI)

3rd Place – 38s – The Hot Box

Alex Scott (Marquette, MI)

& Stephen Kremer (Marquette, MI)

3rd Place – 38s – The Runs

Ramsey Luft (Trenary, MI)

& Chance Wardowski (Marquette, MI)

4th Place – 46s – Poop Scootin' Boogie

Evan Burke (Stanwood, MI)

& Tom Hoard (Rapid River, MI)

5th Place – 53s – Ay' Mierda

Rachel Grossman (Negaunee, MI)

& Edgardo Garcia (Negaunee, MI) 

6th Place – 54s – The Greasy Sliders

Thomas Claycomb (Gladstone, MI)

& Ceaser Rodriguez (Bradenton, FL)

7th Place – 1.05s – U.P. Yours

Robert Masters (Marquette, MI)

& Matthew McLenna (Chatham, MI)

8th Place – 1.07s – U.P. Yours

Zach Mueller (Saginaw, MI)

& Kane Bourbina (Chile, South America)

9th Place – 1.11s – U.P. Yours

Ally Anderson (Marquette, MI)

& Kelsey Cnuth (Marquette, MI)

If you have picture or videos from our event this year PLEASE email them to us at Sabrina.shue@gmail.com   We would love to feature your pictures and videos on our website!

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