You'll Be Seeing Double at Da 22nd Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic


Winners Circle

Most Humorous - Super Dooper Yooper Pooper

Best Workmanship - Trenary Volunteer Fire Dept

Best Presentation - Team Poop on Cancer 

Farthest Traveled - ICUP

2015 Sponsors

Bell's Brewery/Upper Hand Brewery

Trenary Lions Club

RRN - Radio Results Network

St. Jude's Assisted Living Facility

Other Winners! 


David Dubovsky 



$150.00 18& UP CASH DRAWING

Mike Davis

Race Results

Squirts (5 – 11 Yrs)

1st Place – 31.75s – The Poop Group Returds

Jayden Riff & Elena Owens (Marquette)

Da Dingleberries (12-17 Yrs)

1st Place – 26.28s – Aho Farms/A&E Construction

Kyler Aho & Gavin Berg (Rapid River)

2nd Place – 17.56s - Super Dooper Yooper 

(Did not follow construction guidelines )

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 38.62s – Fool's Running

Bob Medley (Shelby Twp) & Bill Shoener (Sterling Heights)

2nd Place – 26.23s – Trenary Volunteer Fire Dept

Mike Johnson & Brian Hoy (Trenary)

3rd Place – 35.78s – It's All About That Bass

Barb L'Huillied & Nancy Houseman (Marquette)

4th Place – 58.75s – Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier & Theresa Pepin (Marquette)

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 18.53s – The Magic School Bus

Ian Hutchens (Gwinn) & Jake Colantonio

2nd Place – 20.62s – Super Dooper Yooper Pooper

Tim Farrell (Diffin) & Grace Cohen (Skandia)

3rd Place – 21.97s – Construction Tech

Steve Moreland (Trenary) & Brandon Moore (Shingleton)

4th Place – 22.66s – The Crap Cave

Bruce Hattamer & Tyler Hattamer (Gwinn)

5th Place – 28.00s – Shitliquor

Matt Miller & Ian Blondeau (Marquette)

6th Place – 31.22s – Trenary Volunteer Fire Dept

Jay Grahovac & Joe Webber (Trenary)

7th Place – 31.72s – Double Trouble

Amanda Sandahl & Alison Sandahl (Stephenson)

8th Place – 34.00s – Trenary Toast

Justin Webber (Kenosha,WI) & Mike Miller (Union Grove)

9th Place – 1.10.31s – Two Farted 

(Bell's Brewery & Upper Hand Brewery)

Sawyer Stevens & John Garrett (Escanaba)

​10th Place – 53.13s – Carhardtt Kids

Adam Exely & Quinn Doyle (Marquette)

​11th Place – 1.18.53 – ICUP

Mike Davis (Harvey) & Ann Bradley (Hamtramek)


video courtesy of Marilynn Bachorik

photographs courtesy of Joseph Hans Hallinen

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