The 21st Ever Trenary Outhouse Classic ... It'll Be A Gas


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Trenary Toast

Trenary Lions Club

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St. Jude's Assisted Living Facility

Winners Circle

Most Humorous - Wrecking Ball

Best Workmanship -

Best Presentation -

Farthest Traveled -

Squirts: Who Cut The Cheese? - Ameilia Bishop (Marquette MI) & Greta Drawbaugh (Brighton MI) with Jack Bishop

Stinkers: Let Your Bowels Howl! - Jake Colantonio (Skandia MI) & Ian Hutchens (Gwinn MI)

Da Sharts: Wrecking Ball Outhouse - Paul Cady & Mark Ostrander (Escanaba MI)

Old Farts: Fool Running - Paul Plas & John Plas (Wausaukee WI)

Da Bars: Trenary Tavern - Doug Brunner (WI) & Bob Medley (Sterling HTS MI)

Racers Drawing Winners

18 & Under $30.00 Drawing Winner

Jayden Rife (Marquette MI)

18 & Older $150.00 Cash Drawing Winner

Aaron Bolthouse (Milwaukee WI)

Raffle Drawing Winners

$700.00 Winner

Bobby Storch

$500.00 Winner

Jim Steinman

$300.00 Winner

Luke Vanlandschoot


Race Results

Squirts (5 – 11 Yrs)

1st Place: 18.25s – Who Cut the Cheese?

Amelia Bishop (Maquette) & Greta Drawbaugh (Brighton MI) W/ Jack Bishop Running Behind

2nd Place – 22.50s – The Poop Group

Jayden Rife & Elana Owens (Marquette)

Da Sharts (36 – 49 Yrs)

1st Place – 28.31s – Wrecking Ball Outhouse

Paul Cady & Mark Ostrander (Escanaba)

2nd Place – 43.05s – TMFF

Flies Eyes (St Johns) & Butt-O (Gaylord)

3rd Place – 59.84s – Trenary Mini Mart

TJ Nerius (Minoka) & Scott Dees (Williamsburg VA)

4th Place – 1.11.93s – Advance America

Gina Reed (Iron Mountain) & Susan Porath (Escanaba)

Old Farts (50+ Yrs)

1st Place – 38.62s – Fool's Running

Paul Plas & John Plas (Wausaukee WI)

2nd Place – 43.50s – Buck Fever

Lindsay King (Escanaba) & Scott Coshenet (Oconto WI)

3rd Place – 45.71s – TMFF

Jeff "Two Shakes" Woods (Bancraft) & Debra "Toey" Woods (Gaylord)

4th Place – 49.12s – Old Farts Clubhouse

Frank Badour & Bonnie Badour (Marquette)

5th Place – 49.40s - Alger Hemp Coalition

Dale Ryder (Traunik) & Craig Lavoy (Chatham)

6th Place – 50.50s - Da Flaming Turds

Don Lacrosse (Jackson) & Steve Brown (Brooklyn)

7th Place – 1.17.75s - Team Poop on Cancer

Mary Ann Bernier & Teresa Pepin (Marquette)

Stinkers (18 – 35 Yrs)

1st Place – 23.68s – Let Your Bowels Howl!

Jake Colantonio (Skandia) & Ian Hutchens (Gwinn)

2nd Place – 25.94s – The Skid Smear

Joshua Maier & Andrew Kruse (Marquette)

3rd Place – 26.10s – Da Wide Wipe

Igor & Boris (Negaunee)

4th Place – 30.28s – Enviro Foam

Jesse Coates (Trenary) & Josh Knutilla (Christmas)

5th Place – 31.62s – General Lee

Jay Grahovac (Trenary) & Devin Merritt (Richmond)

6th Place – 31.84s – Double Trouble DJs

Bill Digneit & Chris Owsley (Marquette)

7th Place – 32.22s – Advance America

Jessie Miller-Laplant & Lisa Kempka (Negaunee)

8th Place – 32.56s – General Lee

Eddie Gietzen (Harrison TWP) & Mike Silvestri (Richmond)

9th Place – 44.34s Potty Mouth

Natalie Rudoni & Melissa Lovell (Marquette)

10th Place – 1.10.31s Shartnado

Stevie Bushie & Danny Boy (WI)


Da Bars

1st Place – 36.18s – Trenary Tavern

Doug Brunner (WI) & Bob Medley (Sterling HTS)

2nd Place – 38.87s - Double Trouble 2 /

Wild Rover Pub

Aaron Bolthouse (Milwaukee WI) & Mike Greer (Houghton)

3rd Place – 52.34s - Wallace Pub

Marie Spaude & Jennifer Marcinak (Wallace WI)

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